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i dream in montage

they're out of focus with a score composed for a string quartet

wanda and the colossus
11 July 1985
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don't believe a word i say.
all i do is lie and break hearts.

anything i could ever possibly say Davey Von Bohlen has already said.

-xcore, a game called distance, a softer world, alkaline trio, all time quarterback, alliteration, american football, arrg!! records, at the drive in, atom and his package, audio learning center, back yard sky scrapers, bad religion, bats & mice, bazan's tragic romance, benton falls, blue robots, box car racer, brandston, bright eyes, cap'n jazz, charles a. rogers, colder hands, coldplay, compilations, crank records, cursive, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, desert city soundtrack, desireing the undesireble, destroying rock music, dredg, elliot smith, eyes brighter then mine, flcl, forever, from autumn to ashes, fugazi, funnelmouth, further seems forever, glassjaw, gritty production, guess what?, guitar, hand held gaming, hey mercedes, hot april, hot rod circuit, hot water music, inkwell, jade tree records, jessie jeans coffee beans, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, joe jackson, judah's whine fest, kevin smith, lamexcore, life as a star, life in braille, locale a.m., loserxcore, low flying owls, map of tulsa, mineral, mix tapes, modest mouse, movies, nada surf, natnatnatnatnatalye, no motiv, notes, opposite of poetry, owen, paul westerberg, pedro the lion, penny arcade, photography, pinky bandaids, questionable content, radiohead, reggieandthefulleffect, remember maine, rilo kiley, rites of spring, rival schools, ryan adams, sacry-go-round, saddle creek records, saves the day, sense field, severed fingers in pockets, seville, sigur ros, sin in space, smashing pumpkins, solution for the invisible, something corporate, sparta, square-enix, squaresoft, stars, starsailor, stealing free stuff, stealing salt, sunny day real estate, synapse to synapse, ten inch vinyl, texas is the reason, the anniversary, the beastie boys, the beatles, the bobbins show, the clash, the closer i get, the dismemberment plan, the drop science, the faint, the get up kids, the mars volta, the museum, the new amsterdams, the number game, the promise ring, the rocking horse winner, the rum diary, the velvet teen, the weakerthans, they might be giants, three summers gone, thrift stores, thursday, tom waits, vagrant records, vinyl, weezer, wilco, wringblue, writing, yellow dancer